A music hall of fame for Passover

Dylan and Simon

Some months back, the music chat group I belong to began lightheartedly anointing our own music hall of famers at appropriate moments — for example, women on International Women’s Day, songs about mothers on Mothers Day, etc.

For Passover, we came up with the following Jewish or Jewish heritage artists. The focus was on rock, blues, folk and pop — it is not supposed to do more than get people to think about music (so don’t be offended if your favourite is not there).

Role of Honour: Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Carol King, Paul Simon

Runners Up: Marc Bolan, Peter Green, Mark Knopfler, Lou Reed, Amy Winehouse

Rising Star: Zaflon (a member of the chat group whose work is here)

Honourable Mention: Mike Bloomfield, Alexis Korner, Carly Simon

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